And Away We Go....

I've become involved in a lot of things this year... one of which is Bookclub. Now, we do discuss the books, but for the most part it's a way to get out and chat and drink wine and basically have fun!! I think that every woman should be in a "bookclub"!

Well, we are each other supports, as well. We keep each other sane, share laughs, cries, oh and did I mention the FOOD?!?! Yes, we do a meal that is associated with the book we choose. It's so much fun. This year, however, we've decided that we should also help each other reach the goals that we've all been putting off... the weightloss goals! So, enter the Bookclub Weightloss Challenge!! heehee

The initial weigh in is today and I got on the scale... wow guy, it was worse than I thought. BUT let me be honest, I earned each and every one of those 165lbs :( It wasn't a sad face when I was doing it though. Oh no... it was AWESOME!! But now that I think about it, was it really 13 lbs+ awesome?? I'm not thinking so.

So today is Day 1 of getting back on track. I'm still doing WW, but only online. My girls are going to be my support group this time. I am only using the website. The cool thing about the website... anyway can use the message boards! They are sooo useful. They have boards based on age, amount of weight loss, challenges, recipe reviews, etc. You just have to register to enable you to post to them. Check it out.

Now, I don't know about you, but I LOVE breakfast! It is my absolute favorite meal... ok, after dessert, maybe. But seriously, I love to eat breakfast. So I just made my "light sausage egg bake" into a "WICKED Light Sausage Egg Bake"... hehe. It's in the oven right now, but I will post the recipe if it tastes half as good as it smells :)

Now, gonna go do some exercises from my "Couch Potato Workout" while I wait. Next weigh-in is only 7 days away.


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