Hello Again!!

Hi Everyone! Sorry it's been so long since I've changed my post, but it's been crazy again. Chef Hubby is now working his normal teaching job during the week and also is working in the kitchen at a local Bar/Pub Monday and Fridays til close - ugh. This is the same place that he helped launch by creating the menu. Anyway, the girls and I have been spending lots of quality time. I also started on my own as a Pampered Chef consultant a few weeks ago. It's a great opportunity and I am hoping that I can make a little extra money to help pay off some bills a little faster. I'm still working as an Athletic Trainer at one of the local high schools, but this gives me a little time to talk to "big people"... lol. Anyway, I now have 2 cooking demos under my belt and I'm more than halfway to my fulfilling my "obligation" to company so I'm pretty excited.

Lately, the girls and I have been working a bunch of new things. We've been crafting, cooking, and creating! We created some peanut butter the other day. I didn't have a recipe so I referred back to chef hubby. Who knew, all you need is a little peanut oil or soybean oil and a bumch of peanuts. I was going to add a little sugar, but the kids seem to like it anyway, so why bother?

We also are continuing with the muffin tin adventures, but I haven't actually been doing the "assignments" for Muffin Tin Monday over at Her Cup Overfloweth. It's not that I like them any less, there just never seems to be one I can pull together when I think of doing it. I think that the breakfast muffin tin is the most requested, snack tim coming in a very close second... lol! My Grandparents actually babysit 2 days a week while I work and she always makes them a snacktime Muffin Tin. I'm an getting everyone into this... hehe. Here are 2 of our recent Muffin Tin attempts:

(ketchup for dipping, diced peaches, strawberry yogurt, eggs, toast with purple sprinkles)

I got these plates at JCPenney during the holidays so they were cheap, but I really do love them. The spot where the eggs are holds a bowl and where the yogurt is has a round indent to hold a cup. The kids love them!! I should have gotten 2 princess ones though, don't know what I was thinking!

Fudge Cookies, cheese, Cheetos, twizzlers

peanuts, PB&J on wheat bread, pretzel sticks

goldfish crackers, star marshmallows, cheese, grapes

This is a snacktine Muffin Tin. I make a big one so both girls can share, but usually they end up liking different things anyway... lol

Then we went to the New England Aquarium during school vacation. The kids are actually too little to have to worry about the whole vacation thing, but as a teacher, my hubby can tell you the amount of time between any vacation... if you thought the kids counted down, you have no idea!

Anyway, both of the kids loved the penguins and the turtles (They are looking at a turtle in a "rehab" tank, in the pic below). But they were not very excited about the octopus or the LARGE tank in the middle with sharks, etc in it. I tried to get a pic of them sitting on the ledge in front of the window and you would have thought I was trying to feed Payton to the darn shark!! I'll say, it was definitely an experience!

Well, I think I caught you up on a few of the things we've been doing. Today we are going to be hanging out and watching some tv. We're having some friends over for brunch (I say it's lunch, because it's at noon, but Chef Hubby keeps saying brunch - what do you think the cutoff time is?) for some delicious food! So far we are serving up:

Savory Egg Bake

(rosemary focassia bread, sweet sausage, a variety of cheese, fresh garlic and some other seasonings)

Fresh Pineapple and Grapes

Eggs to Order

Tossed Salad

(arugala, nuts, starwberries, raspberry vinegarette, and the best part - Kilchurn Estate Wensleydale with Cranberries)

I can't even describe how amazing this cheese is!! I could sit there with some graham crackers and a wedge and just eat. It's sweet, smooth, crumbly, amazing!! I will let you know how it goes!

Have a great day!!


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