So one of the tools that I've learned through Weight Watchers is something they call "Anchoring". This is a way to maintain focus for your success. Now I've been a little lost lately. I think after being on my little "journey" for so long, I lost my drive to continue. Now I'm not saying that I've thrown in the towel and wanted to let go of what I gained, but I will say that on my trip to California from Massachusetts, I found Vegas... lmao!!

As soon as my butt fit into my size 10 jeans, I started to let the reins go a little. So I decided that I needed a new anchor! My mom told me about Newport News and said they had some really cute clothes, so I checked it out. I found two bathing suits, both 2 piece, in the clearance section, and I bought them! hehe

I know that I've worn a 2 pc before... I'm pretty sure that at the time, I probably should not have, but hey whatever. This time, I want to flaunt it! So now I'm waiting the 7-10 days before I get them. Henry can't wait. I think he might be more excited than I am to have them come in. Anyway, keep your fingers crossed! My fear is even when I lose the weight, I'm still not going to have a beach going bod. I guess we'll just have to see, right?!

I can honestly say that there probably will not be any pics posted of me in the swimsuits... but hey you never know. I never thought I would actually like to wear 4inch either!! It's amazing what can happen!


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