The Tortoise

In the time that I did weight watchers, I've learned a LOT! I mean, really, I have. Lately, I haven't been using much of it, but I still know... I'm sure you can relate, right?!

Anyway, one of the things that I liked was a "ground". Something that you can look at or read, etc that keeps you focused or gets you back on point. I was shopping in Pier 1 a while ago and I found a tortoise and the hare set of salt and pepper shakers. I fell in LOVE!! Had to bring the home... So I did.

I see them everyday and I think about eating better, but I don't.

Then, I go to school and try to get kids moving and explain why it's important. I try to throw some nutrition info into class too, but I haven't using it!!

The last weigh in for the challenge is Saturday. I've decided not to weigh in. I've gained some this month. I've been very very bad :( I don't know why. Well, that's not true... I do know why. I've been lazy. I been too focused on the now and not the end of the road. I've been thinking that the chips (or chocolates, candy, pasta, hash browns, etc) are way too yummy to turn down.

That doesn't get me back into shape. That gets me bummed, which typically requires me to sooth myself with more food :( To quote Pooh Bear "Oh bother!"

Sometimes I feel ok about myself. I'm stronger than I was. I'm more confident than I was. He'll, sometimes I down right, smoking!! Lol... But then I look in my closet and see all my cute clothes that I can't wear anymore... Sigh :(

I keep saying in going to start doing something, well, something has to start now. I'm deciding right now, that its done. I'm blogging, tracking, jogging, etc!! I'm doing it all...

I'm motivated to start working out and getting the job done. No matter what, though, I'm working I. Loving me, no matter what! Come and follow me more on my journey. I'm excited to tell it!


Natalie Shapiro said…
Way to go! Can't wait to continue reading about your journey and weight lose! You are inspiring!

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