We finally freaking did it!!!!

This morning we did 5.3 miles which means that we officially completed the Summer 2011 Run Challenge with 101.5 miles completed between Memorial Day and Labor Day!! Woohoo!!

Our plan had to be modified a little and we ended up walking several of the miles, but we kept going. We didn't stop even though we had plenty of excuses.

We kept getting up WAY too early to speak of during summer vacation... oh and weekends! Man oh man, the sleep lost in finishing this damn challenge.

Oooohhh... and pain! Lots of pain.

YUP - my legs hurt so much that one night I actually woke up because I had to pee and tried to convince myself that it wasn't that bad, so I didn't have to get up and walk to the bathroom. I have taken more advil this week than after any surgery. uh huh! We worked for this!

BTW - I haven't been blogging much lately, but in case you didn't notice - we did 28.5miles THIS WEEK!!

So, yes, this challenge rocked because it showed us...

We are stronger than we even knew

How much we can accomplish

That even when we think we can't make it to that stupid gate, or tree, or pole...
we can actually surpass it!

That getting out and away from the kiddos, and hubbies, and housework
just plain helps
We deserve it!!

We can do anything, as long as we have our friends and family to support us :)

Thank you guys! And especially Elizabeth :)  This summer has been amazing! I feel like our friendship has grown even more... lmao - if that was even possible. You rock lady!!


Jill said…
I knew you could do it!!!

Thank you for getting this Challenge going - I'll be sending in my donation ASAP.

Now go relax - Happy Labor Day!
-Tee- said…
oh my goodness... you totally rock!! Thank you for being so motivating :) We are going to kill it next summer!
* elizabeth * said…
We are so awesome! Just WAIT until next year!!

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