Getting Ready for the Holidays!!

Well, I stayed away from weight watchers for a few months, but when I stepped on the scale last week I was excited to discover I had only gained 1.4 lbs since June!! Yay! BUT - I ended my sessions with my personal trainer and the holidays are coming so I need a plan...

My plan is to start eating healthier, start working out more regularly, and just generally not being an idiot when it comes to food and the holidays!

Now, after saying that I am currently planning a cookie swap AND a holiday pastry party... think I'm setting myself up? Got any healthy options that would work with my plan? Good luck on your endeavors!!

Oh btw... this 1.4lbs means that I am currently at a total loss of 68lbs. Still trying to reach the big 9-0!! Continuing to repeat the "Training is the opposite of hoping" quote from my nike t-shirt.


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