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Some Simply Filling Recipes

*** I had written this and sent it the drafts... oops!! So, after 1 week on Simply Filling... Drum Roll... I weighed in on Sunday at my meeting and I was down 5.6lbs!! Woohoo... this might be the program for me (for now anyway... lol) Prepping this week, I decided to use the chilliness that has been happening to make some comfort food. I've really been wanting a lasagna for some reason. I like the meatiness and cheesiness and warmth of this dish. My challenge was to see if I could make it and 1. Still enjoy it, but 2. Still have the kids like it! Meat Sauce Lasagna - simply filling 12 Servings Sauce: 93% lean ground beef or turkey or chicken - keep it lean 30oz can crushed tomato 30oz can tomato puree 2 Tbsp Onion powder 2 Tbsp Garlic powder Salt - Lots to taste 1/2 Tbsp Black pepper 1.5 Tbsp Italian Seasoning Cheese Filling: 24oz Fat Free Cottage Cheese 2 Eggs 1.5 Tbsp Parsley and 1 tsp Salt Noodles: 10oz box of Tinkyada Lasagna Noodles Brown Rice 4oz

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